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Property Inventory Services

Inventory Check In. Check Out. Interim Inspections. Inventory Schedule of Condition. Property Viewing. Floor Plans.

What We Can Do for You

Inventory & Schedule of Condition

Prior to tenants moving in, a comprehensive report detailing the property's condition is crucial. It serves as a reference point, ensuring transparency and minimizing disputes.


The report includes meticulous inspections of each room and area, assessing flooring, walls, windows, and fixtures for any damage or issues. The contents, such as furniture and appliances, are also examined.


Smoke alarm testing ensures safety, with any deficiencies noted for prompt repairs. Meter readings of gas, electricity, and water are recorded for fair billing. 

Midterm Inspections

Regularly inspecting your property during the tenancy allows you to ensure it is well-maintained and promptly address any repair or maintenance issues before they escalate.


By conducting periodic checks, you can identify and resolve problems in a timely manner, preventing them from becoming significant concerns. These inspections provide an opportunity to assess the condition of the property, verify that tenants are fulfilling their responsibilities, and address any potential issues or concerns promptly.


Check Out Inspections

At the conclusion of a tenancy, a crucial step is conducting a check-out report, which serves as essential evidence for any potential deposit deductions.


This report compares the current condition of the property with the previous inventory report, documenting any changes or damages that may have occurred during the tenancy period.


By thoroughly assessing the property's state and providing detailed evidence, the check-out report helps determine the appropriate deductions from the tenant's deposit, if necessary. This ensures fairness and transparency in resolving any potential disputes and facilitates a smooth transition between tenancies.

Digital Twins & Virtual Tours

Step into the Future of Real Estate Exploration! Explore homes like never before with our Digital Twins & Virtual Tours. Immerse yourself in every detail as you navigate through an exact replica of your property. With 360-degree views, real-time interactivity, and detailed information, our Digital Twins redefine how you experience potential homes. Save time, 24/7 access.

Revolutionise Your Property Search Today! Start your immersive Virtual Tour. Don't settle for static images—embark on a dynamic journey to market your asset.

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